How to choose a therapist?

Choosing the right therapist can be one of the most important steps in the healing journey and may take a few therapist visits before you find the right fit.

How to book a session?

Booking is made easy with our Owl booking system, simply visit the link below and create an account, select the type of therapy you would like and select an available booking with your therapist. Booking link: https://oab.owlpractice.ca/cccgip/booking

What are some differences between online and in person?

COVID-19 has shown that therapy can be effective in an online format. We invite clients to explore their availability and comfort level when choosing if they prefer online or in-person sessions. Pityk Psychotherapy offers sessions online and in-person so we recommend trying both to see what would be comfortable.

What can I expect from first sessions?

The first session is usually focused on exploring the reason for therapy, goal setting and getting to know if the therapeutic relationship is the right fit. The first few sessions are more focused on collecting information and exploring possible avenues for therapy.

How do fees and insurance work?

Fees are usually fixed with each therapist and there is no difference in pricing whether the session is individual, couple or family, the fee is the same. After session, clients will be sent an invoice and after payment is received a Registered Psychotherapist receipt will be sent that can be used for insurance purposes. The client is responsible for submitting the claim to their insurance company.

COVID-19 Policy

We offer both online and in-person sessions and our office is fitted with masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing in mind for the comfort of the clients and therapist. We ask that you respect the space and others by booking online sessions when experiencing fever, coughing, or runny nose.

water falls in the forest
water falls in the forest