Anxiety, Burnout and Depression

woman sitting on hill
woman sitting on hill

Work, projects, family and friends can all be rewarding and give our life meaning. We strive to do our best and make life meaningful, but this can sometimes make it difficult to manage your energy and stress level to do the things you find fulfilling.

Anxiety and stress are important parts to motivate ourselves to achieve more. This makes it sometimes easy to minimize its impact on our quality of life.

When this happens we may find things we enjoyed before to have less meaning and things like selfcare become a chore. Living at this pace can quickly lead to burnout and depression.

Recognizing anxiety and burnout in ourselves and others can be difficult, especially when we feel like pushing through is the best way to overcome these feelings. Even though our anxiety encourages us to push through, it exacerbates the exhaustion we are already feeling.

You are not alone in this and seeking help can improve stress management, work life balance, and reduce feelings of overwhelm.